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layer at a time and examined under a microscope until the skin cancer has been completely removed. This leaves as much healthy tissue as possible in place and thereby avoids deformity. Despite the name, Mohs is performed under local anaesthesia, and does not require an operating room or an anaesthetist. The dermatologist functions both as the pathologist (reading the microscope slides to judge the margins and ensure they are tumour
Wholesale NBA jerseys free) and as the surgeon. The map below shows a star for each Mohs surgeon in Canadanot many! All of our Dermatologists treat skin cancers, so when is Mohs surgery done? (see Table below) Are their controversies in the world of Mohs? Yes there arerelated to subjects of over use and over charging. However, these concerns are largely confined to the fee for service world of the USA. Brett M. Coldiron, MD, President of the American Academy of Dermatology, was quoted in a 18 January 2014 New York Times article as saying, "Mohs has a success rate approaching 99% for difficult to treat

Ford Motor Company Tops Latest Brand Loyalty Ratings From Experian Automotive SCHAUMBURG, Ill., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ Ford Motor Co. vehicles accounted for six of the top 10 vehicles for customer brand loyalty, according to recent industry analyses from Experian Automotive. Ford Fusion,
NFL jerseys Ford Edge and Ford Five Hundred owners showed the industry’s highest brand loyalty, returning to buy a Ford Motor Co. vehicle 62.4 percent, 57.9 percent and 56 percent of the time, respectively. The Ford Freestyle (51.9 percent) was fifth, the Ford Escape (49.4 percent) was seventh, and the Ford Focus (47.57 percent) came in ninth. "Ford had an outstanding performance for brand loyalty in the second quarter of 2009," said Jeff Anderson, director of Consulting and Analytics for Experian Automotive. "With six of the top 10 vehicles for customer brand loyalty, Ford is showing that its products are passing the most important test: turning happy customers into repeat buyers." Other top finishing vehicles included

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