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about that for now. In case you’re a little confused, you’ll get a clearer picture through future articles. If you’re a hip hop fan, you have undoubtedly heard the term, "16 bars" at some point. Maybe something along the lines
Cheap jerseys from China of, "Nas dropped a sick 16 bars on that mixtape." The reason that "16" became the standard is because the music industry strategically determines the most effective duration of a typical song. Usually the shorter the song is, the better for the record’s success. The shorter the song is, the more times that it can be played on the radio, the more times that it can be played on the radio, the more popular the song will become, the more popular the song becomes get the picture. Also taken into account was the average amount of time a run of the mill listener would wait between hooks before becoming tired. You have to keep in mind that not all listeners are looking out for the real substance of the
Cheap NFL jerseys song (the verses) but instead merely tune

and get rich! (Well, the "get rich" thing might be more of a human disposition.) Could the debris from wholesale alien mining operations around another star be detected? Possibly. ANALYSIS: Asteroid Forensics May Point to Alien Space Miners If sufficiently advanced, some aliens may even fabricate their own tiny black holes, measuring only an atom’s width and yet carrying the mass of a million tons. By plopping this black hole into some kind of hypothetical black hole drive, the engine could generate a vast quantity of gamma rays that, in turn, would be converted into energy to power the spacecraft. According to researchers, this could be an inexhaustible power source. What’s more, if we know the signature of the radiation emitted from these artificial black hole drives, we may be able to detect these whizzy aliens. ANALYSIS: SETI Search for ET’s Black Hole Engines The problem with SETI searches is that we have to make a lot of assumptions. One assumption is that the aliens are

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Articles Connexesi?s

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