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Psychology of Women

as was the idealic love of the couple who were over the moon excited to be marrying each other. Even the dishes were one of a kind,none of the gorgeous antique patterns were replicated.

Interestingly, there was a part in the wedding when the minister gave his sermon. Within this sermon was an overview and recommendations on how to have a happy, God centered marriage. I was enjoying it.

I met with my friend Samantha yesterday for lunch. She told me a bizarro story about her performance review. it was like a Jekyll and Hyde experience. He (her boss) came in all nice and smiley and then he absolutely TURNED! He turned into somebody else! Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

She described him as going from Mr. Everybody Likes Him At The Office guy to somebody who was downright evil. She said after they casually greeted each other, he shut the door and then he changed. He said she was missing deadlines and refusing to follow instructions. (She hadn Then he told her the following:

know you have done amazing things and done great work at all of your prior jobs and at this one. I realize that you motivate people, and that you are incredibly skilled at what you do. But you better know now, you will be doing NONE of that here! O M G!

This is a psychology of women blog. The postI did on verbal abuse got a ton of hits. Clearly, abuse and mistreatment in relationships is a big problem.

Statistics do show that women are much more likely to be in domestic violent relationships. However, there are couples out there who have the reverse problem,
cards againsthumanity, where the man is the victim and the woman is the abuser. Certainly, homosexual relationships are not exempt from this issue either. For the record, when I reference abuse in this column, I am talking about physical violence, the threat of physical violence or emotional abuse, all of which are devastating.

What made me think about this issue was a flyer I saw on a wall when I was up in Minnesota last week fishing with my son. It was a flyer about a support group for men in abusive relationships. I thought, is a small town in Minnesota and they have a support group for men going through this? I was impressed. I live in a city with a population that averages 3 million, and I have never seen any information out there for men who are suffering with this problem. What is wrong with helping? girlfriend Anna was saying this to me over coffee last week. In Anna situation, she has an adult daughter who is married. She found out her son in law had hurt his ankle. Anna decided she would research what was wrong with her son in law ankle and semi diagnose his injury. Then, Mary found a specialist in the area to treat the ankle and set up an appointment for him. How nice! The annoying part was probably that her son in law didn want her help to begin with.

The great part about Mary is that she cares about people and she is good at solving problems. This was wonderful when her husband was diagnosed with cancer and he asked for her help. However, with the other people in her life, it could feel like Anna helps too much. For them, it could feel like boundary crossing ,or it could feel like she is pushing themina direction they aren comfortable with or ready for.

A girl can it away all her relationships, even with her friends. Whenever you aren staying true to what you want and who you are, whenever you don take care of yourself, you are giving it away. I have TOTALLY been there and done them all. Here a top 10 list of how to do that with your women friendships, and make yourself miserable, if you so choose:

Mindy Kaling. I love her,
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10 Ways To Give It Away With Friends

1. Say yes to anything your friends ask you to do.

It doesn matter if you are stressed, overwhelmed, just do it anyway to please someone else or make your friend like you. Yeah, you might get annoyed, tense and end up resenting them, but that ok.

2. Always be the one that listens.

You don want to burden your friends with your problems. After all, their problems are much more important than yours.

3. Never ask for support or help from anyone else.

You live by the motto that you can handle it all on your own. No need to ask for help,
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And everyone knows that friends do not want the opportunity to help or nurture you in any way. Make sure they don get to feel good about what they can do for you, just help them.

4. Lament being lonely, but don do anything about it. Do not reach out and ask friends to do anything when you feeling rejected or lonely.

Do not initiate any social events or get togethers or call anybody for lunch,
cards against humanity packs. Just assume they are too busy. Luxuriate in your ostracism.

If you are hurt or mad about something a girlfriend said the last time you were together, don tell her how you feel. Just assume she is a B( who meant to hurt you. Or, you can just feel bad and quietly resent her , give her the silent treatment, and not call her for weeks.

6. Triangulate and bitch to other friends, but don be direct.

Again, you are hurt or mad about that thing your friend did or said. Don tell her about it and just tell everyone else about what she did. Talk about her behind her back.

7. Never initiate getting together.

You are too busy to initiate catching up with Jane. And that phone call you have been meaning to make, don do it. Just assume all is well with your friends, and know that no effort is necessary to keep relationships connected.

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