Maintenance 1

The battery of all quartz watch should be replaced every eighteen months to two years (the time varies according to weather conditions), which coincides with the mandatory maintenance of the mechanical part of his movement.

For this, our Maintenance One (M1) is created not only for the battery change, but also includes a rigorous maintenance of the movement.

This service starts with the disassembly of the watch, then with the maintenance of the entire mechanism (which removes any residual alkalinity of the battery), gaskets and seals change, and then go through a water tightness test, energy, precision and finally the performance test.

Replacing your battery is madeai??i?? under the highest standards of watchmaking, ensuring a life of your watch.

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Maintenance 2

In case of damage or breakage of any external part of a watch, ask for the Maintenance Two (M2). Which includes the repair or replacement of any external element (damage to the case, crystal, crown, buttons, bracelets and buckles).

If the damaged part belongs to the watch body (the case), after repair, it must pass the performance test and water tightness test.

The change of seals and gaskets are included in this maintenance.

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Mantenimiento 3

Even if a watch has been created to last for generations, maintenance is required at intervals of one to two years. The reason for the Maintenance Three (M3) is to take care the watch performance, avoiding failures or precision problems.

When the watch has a problem, we will proceed with the repair as the mechanism. For quartz movement would be called -M3.Q- and -M3.M- mechanical movement.

This repair is performed by the best and most technical certificates of Plaza Vendome and may consist of a part replacement, movement repair or total replace of a movement if is impossible repair the current movement.

M3-Ex Works. There Manufacture watch brands whose movements are designed and created entirely within its factory, from a screw to the bridges or plates. Which are made only to a specific movement.

This means that parts of this watch belong only to this movement. So these brands, referred to as manufacturer, need to be repaired by the same watchmaker who manufactured the part.

Our 3 Service Centers are certified by each brand, manufacturer brands do not authorize any company in the world to repair their watches if not in his own factory.

Therefore, repairing manufacturer parts comprising brands like Hublot, Panerai, IWC, Jaeger LeCoultre take an average of eight weeks to be repaired due to the time it takes to transit and return of this piece from its factory.

We have tried to change or minimize this time, but is a reality of Haute Horlogerie. For this reason, we ask the customer to take it into consideration when buying a watch manufacturer.

Polishing Service

One of the features and beauty of a watch is showing his age and experience he has had with its owner. However polished service (PUL-1) was created to keep a watch streak-free and back to its original luster, if Customer so desires.

The Technical Service Center of Plaza Vendome not recommend polish more than once a piece of gold plated or platinum.

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